"The Secret Apprentice"

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" The Secret Apprentice"

USD $575

TFU1 Starkiller Inspired Saber Hilt

Now is your chance to become Vader's secret apprentice and explore the darkside of the force with your own TFU1 inspired saber hilt.

 Made from aircraft grade T-6061aluminum & brass..
 Comprised of over 30 different machined parts.
 Designed for easy installability and brute strength for dueling.
Each Saber Hilt Includes:
  • Delrin chassis (will accept any soundboard)
  • Heatsink 
  • Switch solution & 2 micro-mini tactile switches
  • Numbered display plaque
  • Certificate of authenticity 
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All character inspired saber hilts produced by CCS will also have an accompaning exclusive soundfont, made and produced by Ben Fourzee and available at 

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